Hour of the Wolf



Frank Miller

Graphic Novel, Issues 1-6 Collected

I was one when Frank Miller’s Ronin went through its first print run. I don’t think my parents would have let me read it then. I only knew of Miller from his 300 title and his work with Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (I have this title in the mail).

Ronin is a perfect blend of feudal japan meets near future New York City. The border between these two themes, worlds, and visual cues is so seamless, that I missed the transition a couple times and had to double back to reexamine a few frames.

It boggles my mind that Miller wrote AND drew this comic.

Ronin centers on a telepathic who is controlled by an AI, cybernetics, the concept of Dark Ages, sword play, ecological disaster, and our relationship with technology as savior/destroyer. Ultimately the title asks us to examine appearance vs. reality. Evil shape shifts and controls us through forms we respect, love, and desire.

I like how Lynn Varley uses green in the New York City scenes. The Aquarius fortress sprawls out over New York City in a sea of cybernetic green.


I highly recommend you check out this title: It’s gorgeous, just the right amount of challenging to read, and you can finish it in a couple of coffees.