Treat Yourself


The Electric State

Simon Stälenhag

Graphic Novel, 144 pages

I can’t quite recall the first time I saw the artwork for The Electric State. I think it was, but I can’t find that page now. Either way, I was trawling through a Barnes and Noble in Atlanta and saw the cover again. I grabbed the title, flipped through a few pages, and knew I was taking it home.

Check out the this VIDEO here to see some of the artwork.

Right? Mr. Stälenhag is a visual genius. I love the creepiness and visceral nature of am alternate 1997 U.S..

The real kicker for this title—why you should pick it up and read it—is the plot of The Electric State. It’s so simple, yet profound and relatable. Everyone gets trapped by VR tech, a spec plot that is quickly becoming a possibility. The great thing about this title, is that you can read it in a couple cups of coffee and come back to again for another read. Like all great art, the story gets richer with each pass.