Book + Cause = Great Read


Such Good Work

Johannes Lichtman

Fiction, 304 pages, Hardback

I spent two weeks looking for this book, well a book like it. I needed a comp title for a recent writer’s convention. I looked online, in person at several stores, and hounded staff around Atlanta in search of a story like mine. I may have gotten a little misty when I found Mr. Lichtman’s novel, Such Good Work.

The novel is about a teacher who is trying to care again, about a man who wants action vs. apathy—the eternal struggle. I immediately connected with Mr. Lichtman’s protagonist who struggles with substance abuse and relationship troubles. (Read his interview with Literary Hub).

The novel’s focus reminds me of Mohsin Hamid’s Exit West, except migration is approached from a non-migrant point of view. How do Americans and Europeans help those trying to migrate? For Mr. Lichtman, it’s more than fiction, migrant kids need real world help: .