no wings

no clock hands

no Queen

no wave

no color

no fin



Square black



white Square

prairie farmland from the airplane window

farm land cleaned and planted

diamonds rowboat past starfish

diamonds rowboat past starfish

diamond window blinds behind starfish

Queen Bee holds court with starfish


canoe leaves canoe leaves away from the Queen Bees

Western farmland from the airplane window

farmland cleared and ready

puzzle pieces making no picture

puzzle-piece-lizard-links puzzle each other

calm down Mr. Rorschach

Mr. Rorschach’s lizards

melt in hexagon hexagons

neat and clean lizard honeycomb

honeycomb larvae burst ghosts forth into

bigger larvae bursting bursting into ghosts

into hexacomb honeygon honey-hexacomb

bursting honeycomb bursts into bees

bees fly into humming-bee-birds

silhouette of hummingbirds

only the hint of fish

hummingbird flowers

only the hint of humming fish

only the hint of fish flowers

ivy creeps across unseen oven bricks

half finished hints of fish that

skirt in and out of deep sea ivy

jailfish jail fish jailfish jail fish

jailfish make a jail break

they file in and out of deep sea ivy

and then a hint of fish is all that’s left

a hint a memory of flaky fish on last summer’s grill

last summer’s birds, a thin shell rise from their bleached bones

they were always there hiding in the ivy inky doves

stained in deep sea purple ink

the bees were really birds

the bees were really farms

and bees are inky sea ivy

the birds become sea inky waves of sea

ships upon ships upon ships


launched by the etched hand

ships upon ships upon ships


launched by the etched Face

and birds become gliders

dive bombing into lunch time seas

wings blow into war sails white with haste

push fleets into night

ships upon ships upon ships

sink sink and sink into the fish cutting board

the fish can see

the fish can see

sailors follow treasures down

and sails trail down

the fish can see

the fish can see

with eyes peeled open white olives pike into black scales

horses wait on the black sand shore

feasting on fish flesh and ivory coins

horses flex porcelain manes

their bronze teeth graze on smoked fish

they gorge into friezes

Horse of Ages! Horse of Man!

Horse for all Ages! Horse of Dawn!

But night passes and only

tulips grow only goats birth from war horses

only goats herd together watching night wings take arch

goats become dough become soft become yeast

with fruit flies buzzing over

the blackbirds flutter and swoop catching flies by the wing and tail

bird and dough and fly and goat do a slow fade into

mountains upon mountains upon mountains

mountains cease mountains cut out into classroom triangles into

triangles on two foot tables

a child slides triangles into

triangles warning of glowing hazards

tri angles tri angles warning of glowing ends

a child slides mail under your door

flying mail floating messages flying agendas

3 by 5 wings fly swirl into a buzzword turn table

buzzword turntables tickle the leaves of paper

above the mountain

below the mountain

we hide the flying letters


mirror-mountains mirror mountains

Valkyrie birds etched from airy stone spring into untouched white sky

birds in the distance

allied to their tribe a bird civil war erupts

blackbird and white tear and fling each other to the slate below

suddenly black and white disappear

white black and grey:

the child of

weary battles

the child of

air wars

the child of

day and night

the child of

mountains and letters and

bird pies lilac out of the cruelest month

big-eyed fish and war ships

and wasps dig farmland

cleared for the spring seed

grey birds are gone

only blobs of spilled ink half used

napkins half way clean up the syrup ink

stained nails on cubes


cubic cube

cubes cubed


cube cube-less

cube-more cubed napkins

missing cubes

red clay cubes

digital bit cubes

Apache cubes hide in secret stairs

black windows face a black sea

cubes etched into havens along the black sea

weary lines etched on the face of Cube City

Cube City Tower above the sea

the Tower can see

starfish and black and white checkerboards

see the past in black and white

the seers in their Tower nibble on the past



grilled fish

air mail paper leaves

but there is no


from this tower—

the Queen will not allow it

she is bitter

she is not

across the black sea

across ripples too high to move over sail over see over

her Knights go

her Rooks fall

her players are pawned and pushed beyond the edge

the Queen smiles

holding the King

pressing him into a corner

holding him from his homeland

the Tower sees this

the seers can do nothing

but nibble on black and white tiles

the past is gone and

here on this line

the past means nothing…

Chess becomes bathroom tile becomes stretched across

tile black and white with no color

no wings

no clock hands

no Queen

no wave

no color

no fin